Apple harvest

About 3 years ago, we planted a couple of apple trees and a damson tree. The damson hasn’t produced anything yet (well, last year it had a few fruit but they mysteriously disappeared when we were on holiday!). This year was the best yet for the apples… I picked them last week before they rotted on the trees…

red apples on tablecloth

I think I might give them a bit more compost round their trunks next year…. and weed a bit more too! Maybe we’ll get double the number then!

2 Replies to “Apple harvest”

  1. THe apples look delicious. I can just see them in a pie! We live in an apple growing area but every time we plant some trees the deer eat the tips and kill them so we have given up. Luckily my Dad and one of our sons have apple trees so we don’t lack for apples.

  2. Wow, you must be having much milder weather than we are. We have three apple trees (three different varieties) and even our latest bearing one was done a good month ago. Yours look yummy!

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