Category: Dyeing

  • Yummy, luscious compost dyed fabric!

    Unless you’re a gardening afficionado, the words ‘yummy’ and ‘luscious’ don’t really appear together with the word ‘compost’ but wait till you see this fabric I just rinsed!! A couple of years ago I bought the DVD Markmaking with Nature from Kimberly Baxter Packwood.  Kimberly is extremely knowledgeable about all things related to natural dyeing, […]

  • Dyeing with onion skins

    I have been collecting onion skins for ages now, for dyeing, and I decided the other day that I was sick of the sight of them hanging round.  So I mordanted some pencil roving and some fibre in alum (the pencil roving had previously been dyed with indigo but was fairly pale and patchy). This […]

  • Gocco printed House fabric

    After you were all so complimentary about my house fabric, I decided that I would list some in my Etsy shop… You can find it here. Here are some pics of it:  

  • A trip to Weston

    I have been rather neglecting this blog of late so I am going to try and remedy that by bringing in more details of my daily life and what I’m getting up to.  And I’ve also decided to close my Daily Photos blog because I think the photos would be better incorporated into this blog. […]

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