Little squares!!

Here are a pile of the resulting squares which I cut out of all that lot!

pile of square textured fabric etc on table

Here’s the whole lot! I cut lots of thinner rectangles from the offcuts which will be added into the mix….

more piles of squares and rectangles too

Doodling delights

I do a lot of doodling with pen and paper, especially when my mind is elsewhere and I happen to have a pen in my hand. The other day I decided to do a bit of free machine doodling. As an experiment, I thought I’d try it for fabric postcards. I fused a piece of failed rusted fabric to some pelmet vilene (Timtex) to give it a firm base. I used black thread to make it look like pen strokes. I then painted it with Jacquard Dyn-a-flow paints. I forgot to take a photo of it before cutting it up but this is what it looks like having reconstructed the piece.

colourful fabric with lots of doodles sewn over it

I then used a postcard-sized window to select interesting areas, which I then cut out.

rectangle with star shaped doodle and other interesting marks

more doodles

radiowaves-type doodle marks

I think this one is the most successful

more doodles

These remnants look as though they have possibilities (can you see my tendency to use every little scrap popping up again?)

all the sad little cut off discarded bits from above

Galactic Debris

postcard with space theme

Made a few more postcards earlier this week before the kids finished school. I’m going great guns now. The round shapes are tyvek painted with xpandaprint, expanded and painted. I had some lying around which I needed to use before it went off last September so I played a bit using Gwen Hedley’s book, Surfaces for Stitch, and I played idly around with it on top of the background a few days ago…

Fabric postcards

I’m taking part in a fabric postcard swap at the moment (see
art2mail: mailable fabric postcards for more details).

This is one of them I made – I painted calico with acrylic paints, layered it with voile and then sewed house shapes on with more calico. I thought the voile on top of the painted fabric made it look like pavements in the rain, reflecting and distorting the colours.

I learnt the technique of layering voile at an embroidery course with Virginia Hole at our local quilt shop, Busy Bees.