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Spoonflower fabric

I’m just writing a short blog post this time because I am experimenting with a new plugin which allows me to write blog posts in Evernote and post them to the blog automatically.  It’ll be a lot easier to blog if this works because I use Evernote a lot.

This is some of the fabric that I got printed on Spoonflower and it is now available for sale in my shop.   I had it printed on the silky faille which is polyester – it took the colours really well and has a nice feel to it.

Woo hoo! It worked!

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Dipping my toe into Spoonflower

Over the last few months I’ve been gradually uploading designs to Spoonflower, the fabric printing company, with the eventual aim of selling them.    At the end of last year I won a free giveaway they were offering, of a pattern and 3 yards of the fabric of my choice, so that gave me the impetus to get going.  I still haven’t ordered the fabric but I have ordered swatches of a number of designs so that I can check the colours are what I expected.

Those haven’t arrived yet, but earlier this year Spoonflower offered a free swatch printing on a new fabric, silky faille, so I took advantage of it, and was pleased with the results:

swatch of spoonflower fabric I ordered

Swatch of my fabric design!

You can see the full design here.

Spoonflower also run monthly design competitions based on various themes, and this month’s is lilies, so since I had one which fits the bill, I decided to enter it.  I don’t suppose it has much chance of winning as there are a huge lot of entries this month, but I would love it if you could vote for my design here!  This is a screenshot of it:

Spoonflower lilies

Here is my spoonflower shop widget with pics of a few of the designs:

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K&S purchases

Okay, no posts for ages and 3 come along all at once, just like buses!

Before I get to what I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show (I know, I love seeing other people’s acquisitions so here are mine!), I also bought this – a Paint Your Own Superdragon!

Paint your own superdragon

Isn’t he sweet?  I haven’t yet coloured him  but will soon!  All the Superdragons have now been auctioned, and it’s quite sad not seeing them all around town any more.  Although Newport Council have bought eight of them, and Gwent Dragons, the local rugby club, has bought several too, so hopefully some of them will appear in due course.

thread from Textere 

Anyway, into the K&S goodies!  I bought these threads from Texere, to dye.  Although I’ve actually used some of that rough linen thread already as a resist for screenprinting – I will show you the resultant fabric soon.

4 kilos cotton fabric!

I went to Empress Mills and they were offering 4 kilos of Egyptian cotton fabric bundles (different sizes) for £5.  Well, not realising how heavy 4 kilos feels when you have to lug it around all afternoon, I snapped them up!  And they dye beautifully – I’ve already printed on some.  The coloured fabric is naturally dyed vintage Javan fabric, I think, but don’t quote me because I can’t find it to check as it has got buried somewhere already!  And I don’t want to interrupt the flow of blogging to have a detailed look or I might just be diverted by some other strokable fabric.

Habu yarn

I bought a small sample bag of Habu yarns just because they are so yummy and their stall had such gorgeous stuff on it…

sundry bits and pieces

And I got several useful bottles and a few other things… do you like my dropcloth background? Isn’t it looking interesting!

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Vintage textiles and family heirlooms

Over the last year, I have been doing a lot of family history research.  I’ve been lucky in that first my Aunt, then my parents and my brother, have built up a huge family tree and I’ve been adding to it and looking into it more.  I have also been given various family treasures by family members over the years and I decided recently to photograph them and put them all together rather than scattered all over the house!

I’d love to find out more about this handkerchief.  It was given to my Nan by my Grandad during the Second World War.  I think it is silk, but the edges have been cut in a scallop pattern and outlined in pen, and the heart decoration is a sort of raised embellishment.  The writing is also in pen and there is no stitching on it at all.  Apparently while my Grandad was in the army, one of the things he was involved in was running a prisoner of war camp so I wonder if this was made by one of the prisoners?

world war 2 belgian handkerchief

My Nan wore this hat at my parents’ wedding in 1959. 

1950s flower hat

My Mum’s cousin (who was a lot younger than her because she was the daughter of my Grandad’s oldest brother… I had to look that up on the family tree!) was a house servant when she was young and she gave me her maid’s uniform – this is the cap and one of the cuffs she wore.  I’ve got the apron and collar as well but the apron is too rumpled to photograph at present and I don’t want to risk it picking up all the gunk on the iron (wonder how that got there?!).

maid's head dress early 20th century

maid's cuff

I took this photo the other day of the reflection on our bedroom ceiling and thought it fitted in well with a post about vintage textiles.  Doesn’t it look lacy?  (I think that is a reflection on the state of the windows but the less said about that the better.).

lacy ceiling reflections

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