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Evolution of an Herbacious border


For several years now, our garden has been getting rather out of hand.  Until a couple of months ago, the border on the left hand side consisted of lots of overgrown bushes (mostly dead actually), with more mostly dead honeysuckle growing up them.   I decided to cut back two of them.  Well, I cut them back so much that it looked like they’d had it, and I exposed about 8 feet of soil in the process!  One trip to the garden centre later, and I had several perennial plants to fill it up.  This is what it looked like just after planting.  A bit sparse….

lots of newly planted perennials

I decided to plant some annuals in the gaps to fill it up a bit.  I got some pot marigold and some other unidentified yellow plants.

herbacious border expanding 

Then I put in an evening primrose plant I had growing in a pot on the patio – this self seeds really easily and though it is only biennial we’ve had them every year since we bought the original one about 20 years ago.  And a comfrey plant on the left.  They looked really nice when all these were in flower:

herbacious border

This was taken a couple of weeks ago – already they are starting to fill up that space.  Now almost all the red flowers have finished but there are loads of that orange one.

herbacious border

It was a wet day when I took this one!


And in case you wondered, those two bushes did recover and are about to fight back – I will have to remember to prune them vigorously in future!

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Spectacular downpours!

A week or so ago, we had a heatwave here, and then at the weekend a rather spectacular thunderstorm.  It caused quite a lake on our patio:

lake on patio

I’m glad that the patio slopes away from the house because it was getting ever deeper! 

rain drops

The ever growing beans seem to have held up against it, though!

downpour on patio

Pity about the redundant hosepipe and water jug – they seem a bit incongruous!  As you can see, though, the beans and tomatoes are growing apace and I looked today and there are several tomatoes on there.  Plenty of bean flowers though no beans yet to be seen…

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Fabric Bundles and Print Gocco machines still for sale!

This is just a quick reminder that I still have about 8 fabric bundles for sale… and as a way of clearing some space in my studio the next person in the UK to buy some can have 3 bundles for the price of 2! Just pay with the Paypal buttons for two and email me to let me know which other one you want and I’ll mark them as sold. I’ll post on here when they’ve gone. You can find them here. This offer will expire at midnight on Wednesday 3rd June.

Red fabric bundle

And I also have a number of Print Gocco machines for sale – I haven’t got any B6 machines but I have several PG10s and PG10 Supers. They are on my Print Gocco machines page.

If you haven’t the foggiest what I’m talking about, there’s a page of links about the Print Gocco here.

Print Gocco PG10 Super for sale

This is a card I printed with it. I really must get it out and print some more… they really are addictive once you get going!


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