Tiny flowers

I thought it was time for a bit of visual relief so I took the camera for a walk in the garden this afternoon and turned the macro setting on.  

blue flower

Not sure what this flower is but it is on a very long stem and looks a bit like a harebell.   We got lots of free packets of wild flowers at a Springwatch ‘Breathing Places’ open day last year in Newport and I think this is one of them.  In fact it is the only new wild flower I have noticed growing in the garden and I’ve scattered a lot of seeds around!

herb robert

This is herb robert but it is pinker than the photo shows.

yellow weed!

Don’t know what this is but it is one of those weeds that you mean to pull up and then it flowers and you change your mind!

Glorious wisteria

wisteria in bloom

The wisteria at the front of our house is in bloom, really early.  It is usually the middle of May before it comes out.    The smell is sumptuous …


I love the way it hangs all along the stem in fronds.

wisteria blooms and pods

These wisteria pods from last winter knocked on our bedroom window last night and woke me up!  But I didn’t have the heart to cut them off…

close up of wisteria

I love looking up at them with the sunlight filtering through the leaves and seeing this glorious green and purple…

More spring scenes

Here is another magnolia which grows up by the side of the Civic Centre.  It is a lovely deep pink colour, I think.

deep pink magnolia

Nothing like the colour magnolia which paint companies sell in tins.

close up of pink magnolia

This flower was a little blurred but I thought I’d post it anyway.

one huge pink magnolia!

There is also a lovely pink flowering cherry tree which is out at the moment too.

flowering cherry in bloom

Yes, that is the right way up!  Taken from underneath…

And a lovely pink camellia too…

pink camellia

It has gone really warm the last couple of days and I sat out in the garden for a few minutes yesterday.  I couldn’t help noticing that the flies were sitting still too, sunning themselves…

close up of fly on leaf

I won’t show you the photos of the spiders…

Onset of winter

I went into the garden this afternoon with my new camera. I really must get the wireless set up. The USB downloading is much more fiddly than the other camera because you have to plug the USB into the computer one end and the camera charging ‘shoe’ in the other and then put the camera into the shoe. With the old camera I just had one end in the camera and the other in the computer. So the shoe has to be plugged in and stretched across the room too!!

I ought to be able to set this wireless thing up. DH got a new laptop earlier this week and I managed to link him up to the network all right. As well as installing AVG and Zone Alarm and all the other bits and pieces needed in this insecure cyber world, and uninstalling all the useless stuff which Dell decides to dump on it…

Anyway, back to the garden. Winter is setting in.

pear tree almost devoid of leaves

Some trees are nearly bare.

an orange leaf in the midst of a green bush

Some bushes are not quite there yet, though.

colourful leaves on grass

Lots of leaves on the grass too, looking colourful though a bit sodden and muddy…

fatsia leaf and flowers

We have a fatsia tree in our garden and I can’t remember noticing the flowers before, although I do remember the distinctive seedpods …

ivy flowers

What I did notice today, though, was how like the ivy flowers the fatsia ones were. I wonder if they’re related? They’ve got the same sort of thick, waxy leaves, and flying insects seem to like them.