Ideal herb garden

Of course, this is what my herb garden ought to look like:

herb garden all enclosed by box hedges

I took this photo at the Ecomusee near Mulhouse in eastern France on holiday in 2004. Here is the whole thing. Nice.

larger view of above with lots of neat hedges and things envy envy

I’ve got one clump of box which I bought with a view to making lots of cuttings and making something like this. Huh; so far, about ten years later, I’ve got one cutting from it. All the box plant does at the moment is obscure my view from the kitchen window to the other herbs. Must try a bit of topiary on it sometime! I just looked for a photo of it but can’t find one and it is too dark to take one now. Will take one sometime. I need a gardener….

Flowering Ivy

spiky ivy flower

This plant in my garden is a sort of flowering upright ivy (at least I think it is). Now, I hate most ivies because of their tendency to take over everything as soon as you go inside, but this one was redeemed for two reasons. The flowers. And the fact that wildlife seems to like it.