Category: Gocco

  • Some new gocco printed Moleskine journals

    It occurred to me that I haven’t put any pictures of my journals on the blog for ages, so here we go! This medieval city journal has been selling well recently.  It is based on a Dover publication of some medieval woodcuts.  I printed it, embossed it with gold embossing powder and then painted it with […]

  • Gocco printing using a plastic frame

    A few weeks ago, Guenther Panenka of sent me a sample of a plastic frame he had developed which will fit in the Print Gocco machine to enable its use with unframed thermofax mesh.  He also sent me a few different carbon pencils.  So yesterday, I decided to give them a go!  I had […]

  • Altering Moleskine journals

    Last year I traced part of a medieval woodcut print of a cityscape using one of the Dover books, and made it into a Gocco screen.  I’m not sure that the screen I made was very successful because I didn’t shade it enough to give it dimension and the resultant prints just weren’t very clear.   […]

  • Altering photos for Gocco/thermofax using Photoshop

    Karen Stiehl Osborn has just written a tutorial on her blog entitled From Photograph to Thermofax. If you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and want to make a Gocco screen or thermofax screen and don’t know the best way to alter a photograph to make the best sort of image for it, check it out! […]

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