Melting fun!

blue plastic strands melted together

We’re using angelina a lot in the course but I had some of that stuff which you use to hang over Christmas trees so I thought I’d melt that between baking parchment to see what happened. Hmm. Interesting. I don’t think I’ll use it on this but it might be good for something…

Another use for cellophane!

cellophane painted with white paint and heated into bubbles

This week I started Linda Schmidt’s Elements in Fabric course at Quilt University . Just in case I use the quilts I make for the journal quilts project, I won’t post any pictures, but here is some cellophane that I melted. It is painted with irridescent paint and sprinkled with irridescent glitter then melted. We are using it as waves and sea foam.

Grid design

purple fabric with grid like design and lots of other colours a bit like stained glass windows

This is a piece I made, using scraps of multicoloured polyester organza over purple felt, and another layer of organza over the top. We used rabbit hutch wire as a template for making the grid, and then made extra marks on it, then removed the top layer of organza in some places. The photo isn’t a very good one.

Workshop with Margaret Beal

I went to a workshop today with Margaret Beal on using a soldering iron to fuse synthetic fabrics. I’ll take some photos tomorrow and post them. It was brilliant fun and I created the most wonderful shiny patches to embellish things with. We used acrylic felt and lots of different polyester organzas but you can use any synthetic fabrics. We used a square of glass to put the fabric on to seal it with the soldering iron and you can even make patchwork by sealing the edges of squares of fabric!

Watch this space… I would do it tonight but I’m exhausted. I got back home at about 5 pm and since then have put back the books from 4 bookcases in our living room now the painting is all finished.