August Reeds

August reeds

August reeds


Lots of diagonal movement this month…


And the reed heads had these purple flowers which will become the seed heads.


July Reeds

Oops, it’s August and I forgot to post pics of the July reeds, but I did take these photos in July, honest gov!

They had got much greener.

reeds in July

reeds in July

Strong diagonals:

july reeds

Less of the wave like effect.  Or maybe I had to stand on tiptoe to see it…

green reeds

This month I noticed the plants that grew next to (and above) the reeds much more:

reeds and rose bay willow herb

Like this rose bay willow herb.

sorrel in flower

And sorrel.

yellow snail on reed leaf

And what was living on them!

May Reeds

May reeds very dry looking

Very dead looking on the tops this month….

new growth of this year's reeds

But quite a lot of green too, foreshadowing this year’s growth…

may reeds

It still reminds me of waves

May reeds with new spears poking up out of the ground