Lace and foil

This lace has got painted Bondaweb fused to it, and foil added to reveal the texture of the lace.

lace as you have never seen it before

another such

Here are a couple of the photos of painted Bondaweb before I adhered them to the various objects. It goes into an interesting texture when it is wet and dries like that. I used Jacquard textile paints mainly. Some Lumiere too.

red, yellow, green painted bondaweb#

painted bondaweb

Brown paper and Bondaweb!

Here is another element in the collage. I painted brown paper and scrumpled it up after it was dry. Then I fused it on to calico and fused painted Bondaweb on top. Here are a few of them:

red-orange textured paper

red paper with brick-like texture

multicoloured brown paper (duh?) with texture added

green/orange textured paper

Concertina Books

When I was doing my City and Guilds course, one day we learnt how to make books. I made one of these little concertina books. A year or so ago I made lots of covers and used some of my painted papers to fold pages for them, but never got round to sticking them together. Today I finally finished them! (The magazine behind the first little book is what I was using to glue them on, by the way…)

concertina book

concertina book

concertina book

I took lots of pictures when I was putting them together with a view to writing a tutorial for making them and posting it here. Hopefully tomorrow! The kids are on holiday now, but I will try and fit it in!

Doodling delights

I do a lot of doodling with pen and paper, especially when my mind is elsewhere and I happen to have a pen in my hand. The other day I decided to do a bit of free machine doodling. As an experiment, I thought I’d try it for fabric postcards. I fused a piece of failed rusted fabric to some pelmet vilene (Timtex) to give it a firm base. I used black thread to make it look like pen strokes. I then painted it with Jacquard Dyn-a-flow paints. I forgot to take a photo of it before cutting it up but this is what it looks like having reconstructed the piece.

colourful fabric with lots of doodles sewn over it

I then used a postcard-sized window to select interesting areas, which I then cut out.

rectangle with star shaped doodle and other interesting marks

more doodles

radiowaves-type doodle marks

I think this one is the most successful

more doodles

These remnants look as though they have possibilities (can you see my tendency to use every little scrap popping up again?)

all the sad little cut off discarded bits from above