Ste Marie aux Mines

St Marie aux Mines valley

We stayed close to Ste Marie aux Mines, where the Carrefour Europeen de Patchwork happens each year in September. Unfortunately we were there in August…. This is the valley where it is situated. Absolutely beautiful, and very remote. One day I must go there…

Mola Sample

Mola type applique sampleThis is a sample of mola quilting which I did using the design motif developed in the last photo. In the City and Guilds course we had to do samples of all sorts of patchwork and quilting techniques.


hanging with lots of figures, mountains, animals and crops on it

Someone on the Quiltart list was talking about arpilleras of Peru a while ago. Then, serendipitously, someone at church who had been to Peru was taking orders for them. So here’s mine!! And what is nice is that there is a little message in Spanish tucked into a secret pocket on the back telling me about it.