layered fabrics and painted houses stitched with running stitch

This is another piece I made at that embroidery class. We painted calico with acrylic paints in large rectangles then layered it with voiles in different colours, then put on the houses and painted them and did the running stitches to make the waves. Haven’t finished this one either (surprise, surprise!). Must have a Finishing Month one day.

St Fagans – Old Welsh Quilts

Welsh quilt

Wales has a rich quilting tradition, and the Welsh Folk Museum at St Fagans, Cardiff, has a collection of old quilts which I saw on a trip with my C&G course. They showed us some quilts which were not normally visible to the general public. These are mainly wholecloth quilts and instead of batting they used a woollen blanket. The woollen industry was big in Wales and wool would have been readily available (lots of sheep on the hills too steep for growing crops). They had professional quilters who would travel from farm to farm.

This quilt had been unused, filled with sheep’s wool, well washed and carded. It was easier to quilt than a blanket and gives a higher relief.

This shows some of the predominant Welsh quilting motifs – leaves, cross hatching. Spirals are another.

Fabric Mosaic

fabric mosaic in green, orange and more orange (and brown)

On Saturday the kids were being a bit wild (understatement!) so I got this piece of canvassy sort of material, sprayed it with 505 glue spray and got them to cut out scraps of orange and green fabrics and put them on the material. The colours aren’t very good on this photo but this is what we ended up with.