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  • Great British Sewing Bee and some upcycling fun!

    I hinted in earlier posts that I’d been doing more dressmaking and upcycling than quilting and dyeing recently, so I thought I’d tell you what I have been up to. I bought a secondhand Harris Tweed men’s jacket on Ebay very cheaply and altered it.    I can’t find any ‘before’ photos but this is […]

  • Screenprinting results – first layers

    Here are some of the results of my first lot of screenprinting.  The sessions have been a bit here and there because I’ve been busy with other things and have had to pop in and out of my studio a lot, doing preparation and then leaving and popping back later to do the actual printing.  […]

  • Screenprinting with Natural Dyes

    When I had my great fabric decorating spree in January, some of my favourite pieces are those I screenprinted with Gocco screens.  I used natural dye extracts mixed with gum tragacanth as a print paste/binder. Continuing the series on mud and footprints, I made a screen of these bird prints.  I actually made a tiny […]

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