Art Deco Lille

nice art deco window

I’ve just found our holiday photos from last summer. We went to eastern France, to Alsace and passed through Lille on the way. Here is a gorgeous art deco window I saw there. I was pleasantly surprised by Lille. My childhood penfriend moved there from the Dordogne and I always had an image of it as dark, bleak and industrial, but it is not like that at all. And there is a very nice yarn/button shop…

Cathedral rafters

rafters of cathedral in Spain

Today’s unusual angle: this is the rafters of the Cathedral in Vittoria, northern Spain. You can’t normally see things like this in cathedrals but this one runs archeological tours because they are reconstructing it as it needs support for the gothic arches. Apparently they didn’t do it properly at the time and there are all sorts of scary looking cracks in the walls (pinned up now with metal girders, thankfully!).