City & Guilds video

I was just reading on Serena Fenton’s Blog, Layers of Meaning about a lady called Felicity Clarke who has made a video about her work on a City and Guilds course. It is fascinating. It is her work for the diploma in Embroidery, which is Level 3 of the course, but I thought that I would mention it because of my review of online courses earlier in the year. Click on the Online Courses category on the sidebar if you missed it. (She didn’t do it online but it gives a good idea of what is covered).

The numbering of City & Guilds courses are a bit confusing, as I started with Level 2 (I THINK Level 1 is a sort of introductory foundation year but I may be wrong as I didn’t do it). I am thinking of going back to college and doing Level 3 in September, mostly to have contact with other quilters.

Serena’s blog is well worth reading too; she doesn’t post every day but it is worth subscribing to her rss feed so you don’t miss a thing! She writes very thoughtful and well-researched articles about lots of different aspects of textiles. I have found lots of good sites through it.

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