Concertina Books

When I was doing my City and Guilds course, one day we learnt how to make books. I made one of these little concertina books. A year or so ago I made lots of covers and used some of my painted papers to fold pages for them, but never got round to sticking them together. Today I finally finished them! (The magazine behind the first little book is what I was using to glue them on, by the way…)

concertina book

concertina book

concertina book

I took lots of pictures when I was putting them together with a view to writing a tutorial for making them and posting it here. Hopefully tomorrow! The kids are on holiday now, but I will try and fit it in!

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  1. They’re gorgeous. Is there no end to your talents?! I’d love to learn how make books again.

    We always used to make our own ‘best books’ at primary school. We’d make marbled paper for the covers. I remember it being a lot of fun and very satisfying. My memory’s a bit too foggy to remember how to do it though.

    Looking forward to seeing your tutorial.

  2. Fantastic Liz they are all wonderful … and great tutorial by the way. I love the papers you have used ….. keep up the fantastic work.
    Dangling by a Thread

  3. HI Liz

    hehe well I sent an email to likemindedthreads and told them about your books so you will be getting tons of extra hits… oh brother if only I could have spelt the book part right … nm
    Have a wonderful christmas

  4. very good i love the colours they are lovly u can use them for christmas prezies and other gifts they are so nice.

  5. i dont like them they are rubish it is just a bit of paper stuck together with a few crap pictures in it i mean what is the point in them sarah said all the wrong stuff they are rubbish and that is that so get lost know one liks tem burn them make them burn.

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