Coral design and monoprinting

On one of the Yahoo groups I belong to, we’ve been discussing monoprinting and I remembered doing some at college for my City & Guilds. What we did was to take two pieces of glass, put some acrylic paint on one of them, slap the other piece of glass on top of it and then pull them apart. The paint would then go into fantastic patterns and could be printed on paper (or fabric, I suppose, but we used paper).

These are some of the designs from it:

paint effects cut out and put on board

For the course, we had to compile what is called a Full Working Design. This is essentially designing something, presenting it in a folder or another appropriate way, as if you were doing it for a client who had commissioned something. But we didn’t actually have to make it.

For one of my Full Working Designs, I used one of these coral shapes to design a cushion cover. I cut out the painted shape and used it as a resist with some transfer paints. Here is the sample from my folder:


I used papers printed with tranfer paints in streaky green/yellow colours and red/orange colours. I printed some polyester fabric with the green/yellow colour first, then laid the coral-shaped resist in the middle and overprinted with the red/orange colour. That is how I got the design. Then I trapunto quilted it to raise the coral design slightly. Maybe sometime I will make a cushion cover like it!

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