Crafts for kids

I haven’t done much quilting related stuff this summer, but having spent the last week making crafty things with kids, I thought I would post some pictures of what I had done with them previously, partly to remind me and partly in case anyone The Canadian Drug Store, best online drugstore buy doxycycline canada doxycycline no prescription overnight Cheap Pharmacy Online, how to get doxycycline online pharmacy drug prices is looking for ideas. We have an all-age service at church each month and I come up with a related craft activity to keep the kids quiet at the beginning. It is quite a challenge because the children can be anything from 3 to 11 and there is only 10 or 15 minutes to do it in.

Here are a few of the things we have made over the months…

three pipe cleaner men with beads
Pipe cleaner men

small black box
Treasure box

five different masks
Masks which we decorated

purple foot

This is what I’m doing next Sunday. A foot out of fun foam, decorated with all sorts of twinkly things.

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