Dyeing photos soon!

Please bear with my silence…. textile content will come up soon, I promise! I did a mammoth dyeing session on Tuesday, rinsed it out, dried it and ironed it yesterday and once I’ve sorted it all out into nice picturesque little piles sorted by colour and value (ooh, why do I have so much fun just moving fabric around and folding it and sorting it???!), the photos in my camera will be duly uploaded and you will get to see a colourful treat!

But just for now I’m busy catching up on what I didn’t do the last two days…. Plus there’s a night hike with the cubs tonight and all three kids have wind up torches which they have ALL buried somewhere in the confusion in their rooms and I have to find them in the next couple of hours! So look out tomorrow!!

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One Response to Dyeing photos soon!

  1. Candy Schultz September 28, 2006 at 9:00 pm #

    Ooh I have the same fun just washing and drying and folding any new fabric that I purchase. I haven’t done any dying lately but just touching and looking at fabric makes me feel good. I guess that’s is why we quilt.