Easter activities

No photos yet, I’m afraid – my camera is still away being repaired…

We were away in Minehead at a church weekend over Easter and the weather was glorious!  On Monday I went walking along a bit of the South West Coastal Path and wished my camera was with me.  About a mile out of Minehead you get to the edge of the Exmoor National Park and walk through a forested area where I saw a pheasant and a wren… well, I heard the wren first, having listened to one in my garden a week or two ago and connected the voice with the bird!  So I knew what to look for when I heard its chirruping sound.  Here’s one on this BBC page if you want to listen!

Then I got out on to the moors along the coast – click the link to see a typical photo of the area.

There is a wonderful sculpture which marks the start of the path, which actually goes all round the south west coast, through Devon and Cornwall right around the ‘foot’  of Britain.  It is a massive pair of hands holding a map, made of steel.  There is a picture of it here .

We got back on Tuesday and yesterday I finally took away all the plastic and newspaper (not to mention bowls and buckets) protecting my studio from a potential attack of the elements (that’ll make it rain all through April and May no doubt!).    So now I have my design table back again.

The rust dyeing turned out well and I have another lot using up the rest of the rusty baking tray (just hope it doesn’t rust a hole through it or I’ll have to creep out and buy another one when DH isn’t looking!!).  I’ll have a queue of things to photograph by the time my camera returns.   We went to Blackwood today up in the valleys and I saw this amazing sculpture of hands and it was all rusty and I was itching to wrap some fabric round it.   (The photo in the link doesn’t show the little metal hands all joined together but I could just imagine what a wonderful piece of fabric I’d get from it!). 

It is also DS1’s fifteenth birthday so we went out to lunch to celebrate.  He had a powerful CD/radio/MP3 player and despite his bedroom being on the top floor, we can hear it down on the ground floor now!  Hmmm… teenagers.  DS2 will be a teenager at the beginning of May, although he has been practising for it for a while now.  The grunts and attitude….  

One fun thing I came back to was a Google alert for my name which showed me that BBC Wales had published my photo of the new bridge in Newport (click on number 4)!  Exciting…

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One Response to Easter activities

  1. Shirley April 13, 2007 at 8:52 am #

    Sounds like a good Easter break, Liz.