Ecoetsy Auction in aid of the Nature Conservancy

As you may remember, I am in a Street Team on Etsy called Ecoetsy.  This week they are having an auction in aid of the Nature Conservancy, of a basket of Eco-minded goodies donated by members of the team.  You can read all about it on the Auction page of the Ecoetsy Website.  Unfortunately, you can only take part if you are in the US to prevent any legal issues as well as prevent shipping issues that may arise due to regulations that other countries have.   The auction ends on the 30 October. 

I donated a collaged piece of artwork incorporating a felted sweater in an Incan design and various wires from odd sources… you can see it below.

collage in aid of ecoetsy auction

Follow the links on the website to photos of the donated goodies.  The Ecoetsy blog is also featuring the contents with descriptions of each of the donations.

While I’m on the subject of Etsy, I have a few new listings on there.  A couple of Moleskine journals:

moleskine notebook gocco printed with terraced welsh streets for sale on Etsy

Moleskine notebook gocco printed with Rouen Cathedral for sale on Etsy 

And one of my Rainy Streets series of postcards:

Rainy Streets postcard for sale on Etsy

I’ve also reduced my prices on a lot of things to reflect the fact that the pound is worth less against the dollar, so it’s a good time to buy Christmas pressies!!

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One Response to Ecoetsy Auction in aid of the Nature Conservancy

  1. sue b October 28, 2008 at 12:13 pm #

    Liz that felted sweater piece is fabulous! Great colors in that.