Felted bag finished!!

Yes, it’s finished!  It knit up really quickly once I got going.  I nearly ran out of dyed wool though – it was good that I dyed the two extra skeins last week because I needed them.  This is all that was left of the dyed wool (apart from the Kool Aid dyed stuff and about 8 oz of undyed which I’ve earmarked for indigo or henna or something that doesn’t need a mordant).    I bought 2lbs of it altogether so the bag is pretty heavy!

a few odd scraps of mainly brown pencil rovings

The brown roving is the one I dyed with St Johns Wort (and copper mordant).  The thinner wool is what the skeins were tied up with!

Here is the finished bag before felting:

knitted bag prior to felting.

I decided to make the handles as in the French Market bag in Knitty rather than a shoulder strap which was what the pattern I used called for.  I was glad I did because I think it looks better that way.

Here is the finished bag!  I ended up washing it at 60 and then at 90 (thanks, Helen!) on a short cycle each time, then I spun it contrary to the pattern instructions because I didn’t want to wait DAYS for it to dry out and I finished it off for 5 minutes or so in the dryer to fluff it up a bit.

felted bag in greens, browns and pinks

I like the way the colours have changed with the felting.  The browns look much more greenish and the reds stand out nicely.

Other side of bag

This is the other side of the bag.  And underneath:

green base of bag

And a close up!

close up of felted bag

At present it is sitting on the floor stuffed with towels to give it a nice rounded shape!

felted bag being shaped

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  1. Liz, its a wonderful bag andsuch a useful size and shape. How do you intend to use it? I would want to use it as an ornament! to be admired by all visitors.
    Well done

  2. That is so cool. I cannot wait to get to my felting project. Gotta finish a lot of other things first. But I am hoping.

  3. oooh, v. nice — makes me want to start knitting one immediately. I have no.10 needles and a lot of icelandic wool that’s been hanging around since the 80s – that should felt up nicely!

  4. Thank you, everyone, for your admiring comments!

    Not sure what I’m going to use it for – as a French market bag I should take it with me to the farmers’ market and pile it up with my purchases there but I’m rather attached to my scruffy green Karrimor rucksack which I automatically pick up for any shopping trips but I really should take it out for an airing and hopefully some more nice comments!

    Margaret, be sure to post a pic of the results on your blog!

    Chloe, I’ll try and think of some things to say for your meme, but in the meantime, here are a few random facts which I posted right back in the beginning of this blog ….

  5. This is gorgeous Liz. I now feel I must make one! When the kids have gone home I must come back to your blog and look up the instructions or information. Superb for Christmas presents! 🙂

  6. Fab Bag Liz 🙂 I’m very much into making bags but as I’m not a good knitter I haven’t tried this technique yet …..maybe sometime though……..

  7. I’m a felting virgin.I want to make everything! This is a great bag but is the pattern available or do I have to ‘join’ something? I’m amazed at the way you knitters and felters share information, it’s sooo nice. American sites are friendly. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

  8. It’s from Crown Mountain Farms, Irena, and I bought it online from them – you can find it here –

    If that link breaks go to http://www.crownmountainfarms.com/html/patterns.html, click on ‘miscellaneous patterns’ and then Blue Moon Felted Bag.

    I’m in the UK, by the way, but I agree American sites are friendly too:)

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