Fermentation experiments

Before Christmas I bought Sandor Katz’s book called Wild Fermentation.  I wanted to explore ways to encourage the good bacteria in my body after the three lots of antibiotics I had to take last year.  Well, that was what started me thinking about it, as well as looking at recipes for elderberry wine after I picked the elderberries (there weren’t enough for that, alas!).

Wild Fermentation book

In it, the author describes how to make things using the bacteria and yeasts that are around naturally.  So I’ve got a few things brewing in the kitchen at the moment!

sauerkraut fermenting in bowl

Some white cabbage turning into sauerkraut.  I made my first lot of this a few weeks before taking this photo, with red cabbage as well as white so it turned out pink!  Here is the remains of that batch in a jar:

jar of homemade sauerkraut

He only uses salt to make the sauerkraut and it is amazing how it turns vinegary!  Apparently salt inhibits all bacteria except lactobacillus.

pineapple skin in sugary water getting fizzy!

This is supposed to turn into pineapple vinegar.  It is pineapple skin in sugary water.  As you can see, it is already going fizzy!  The kitchen smells quite boozy!

flour and water in a bowl

This is hopefully going to turn into a sourdough starter.  It is a bit cool in our kitchen so I’m not sure if it will work – yesterday I tried to encourage it by wrapping one of those heatpads around it which you heat up in the microwave!!    I’ve made sourdough bread in the breadmaker before, but using a tiny amount of baker’s yeast to start it off, so if all else fails I will do that, but I’d like to see if I can start it completely from the yeasts around here – soughdough newportus vulgaris! 

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