Free “Jump-start your creativity” online course

I have taken the free online courses offered by HP Learning Center in the past and so occasionally get email notifications when new courses are coming up. One which attracted my attention dropped into my inbox yesterday and I have signed up for it. It is called “Jump-start your creativity; exploring Leonardo da Vinci’s notebooks”. It starts on October 4th and you can access new lessons twice a week or download the whole lot at once in a PDF file, or they are available on podcast. They also have a discussion forum. I’m looking forward to doing it!

I have taken several of their courses and the one which I have probably benefitted from most is Building your first webpage. It started me off with basic html, from where I was confident enough to search online for html and css resources and to build my website. Which reminds me, I really must take more photos and update it!

My rust dyed fabric came out really well and when I’ve taken photos I’ll post them here but at present my studio is a bit … dark…. the bottom middle window is boarded up at the moment because DH found part of it was rotten so now it is away at a timber merchant’s being rebuilt… oh well, maybe I’ll be back in there by Christmas!

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