Free Mindmapping tool download

There is a website I go to when I remember, called Giveaway of the Day.  Each day it features one piece of software which is free to download for that day only.  The software featured today is ConceptDraw Mindmap Personal, which is mindmapping and brainstorming software meant for businesses, but it struck me that it could be useful for designing and getting ideas, or at least for arranging them when you’ve got them! 

When I did the Journal Quilts course at Quilt University with Lily Kerns a couple of years ago, one of the methods she taught us was mindmapping and I found it useful for getting my thoughts about some topics down on paper.  I liked the pictorial method of working. 

If you fancy getting this software, hurry!  As I write, there are 14 hours and 14 minutes left to get it, otherwise it will cost $119…

PS. The giveaway of the day website has an rss feed so you can add it to your feeds and get updated automatically every day.

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One Response to Free Mindmapping tool download

  1. Rayna March 12, 2007 at 3:55 am #

    Liz – I can’t imagine needing software to do mind-mapping! It’s something I do in one of the workshops I teach; really gets the creativity going! Hope you win the giveaway of the day, though – it could be interesting. (NOT that you need any help with your creativity!)