Fun with shrink plastic

I bought a pack of postcard sized shrink plastic from Hobbycraft a few years ago, thinking the kids might like to play with it.   But there was a distinct lack of interest so I appropriated it myself.  And with the advent of the Gocco, the postcard sized pieces were just the right size.  As you know, when I start printing anything that doesn’t run out of the way is a candidate and these were no exception.

Here is a piece with my crow stamped on it:

crow gocco stamped on shrink plastic 

For the last few months, however, I’ve just had these pieces of plastic sitting there gradually getting used up, and hadn’t got round to shrinking them.  So last week I remedied that.  It was a bit of a learning curve – I started off with the heat gun but this didn’t give much control and the pieces ended up a bit knobbly and occasionally bits stuck to each other, so I did the rest in the oven.    Here they are all together:

shrink plastic pieces

I had punched holes in some of them to begin with – one, two, or lots.  And I rounded off most of the corners.    I did try punching shapes with a punch but that particular one stuck in the punch and cracked when I tried to release it. 

rouen cathedral with angel - shrink plastic

I like these of Rouen Cathedral and stamped angel… in reverse!  I didn’t realise that the shrink plastic was clear and the side you looked at was the reverse of the side you stamp.  But it doesn’t matter. 


I stamped this crow and then rubbed a yellow – yes, yellow – stamp pad around the outside.


And this one is my ‘Newport houses’ print, none the worse for being in reverse!  I did this with the heat gun as you can probably tell.  On reflection, I quite like the irregularities of shrinking with a heat gun.  The finished pieces, by the way, are about 1″x1.5″ so they did shrink a LOT – having started out at 4″x6″.  I might put one or two for sale on Etsy – they might make good embellishments for journals or small quilts or mixed media pieces.    What do you think?

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  1. They are lovely! I have some shrink plastic and will have to dig it out. I only have white though and it gives a very different result! Love the idea of them being used as embellishments on things.

  2. Theyn are wonderful!

    I haven’t played with shrink plastic since I was a teen, but you’ve inspired me! I think it’s time to play again! Thanks!

  3. I generally use a heat gun for shrink plastic and find that the knobbly bits go if you heat both the back and the front.

    Your pieces look great.

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