Glorious wisteria

wisteria in bloom

The wisteria at the front of our house is in bloom, really early.  It is usually the middle of May before it comes out.    The smell is sumptuous …


I love the way it hangs all along the stem in fronds.

wisteria blooms and pods

These wisteria pods from last winter knocked on our bedroom window last night and woke me up!  But I didn’t have the heart to cut them off…

close up of wisteria

I love looking up at them with the sunlight filtering through the leaves and seeing this glorious green and purple…

5 Replies to “Glorious wisteria”

  1. I think I can smell that …..ummmmmm. It is possibly the variety I have named Lipstick…why I have no idea cause as it isn’t anything like lipstick! Nice all the same. Really I prefer the purple all over flowers but that is what I was given as a gift. Mine is still a relatively new plant less than 10 years old, so the trunk is not yet all knotted and gnarled.
    In contrast I have lots of Autumn leaves! Cheers Alison in New Zealand.

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