Grrr… what’s happened to Live Writer?

UPDATE: finally succeeded! Don’t know what I did but it worked!! The only thing I changed was to click on ‘update style’ under Edit Weblog Settings. Whether this established some sort of connection with my blog which enabled me to publish, I don’t know, but it worked! So let’s hope it continues to allow me to publish….

Trying to post a blog post via Live Writer and it keeps giving me error messages… bear with me….

Can anyone help? I keep getting the message ‘504 gateway timeout’ and a box pops up asking me for my WordPress username and password, both of which it already has. And when I click ‘okay’ I still get the 504 gateway error.

I did upgrade to this version recently, although I’m sure I’ve posted via Livewriter since then. The only difference I have noticed is that whenever I go to the WordPress dashboard now, it asks me for my password which it didn’t before, even if I tick ‘remember me’. So maybe something there is the problem… Or not. Sigh.

Normal service will be resumed asap…..

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