Hen book review

Here, at last, is the review of the hen book I was sent a few months ago! 

hen keeping book 

This is the cover of the book: Hen Keeping.  You will notice that the author has a very appropriate name!  The publishers, New Holland, have a series called Self-Sufficiency and this is one of them.  In fact, I just went to the category on their website and I think more titles have been added recently.  Natural Remedies and Foraging sound two interesting subjects to me, being a closet self sufficiency enthusiast! 

hen book review 

The book is quite small format, which I like, and very down to earth.  It was a very useful and straightforward guide for beginners to hen keeping like myself.  I liked it best of the out three books I’d reviewed.   It has sections on choosing your birds, housing, feeding, cleaning, all the things you need to know when starting out.  Together with the Omlet forum (the forum related to the Eglu, which is the henhouse I have), it gave me a very good start.

hen book review

The book is divided into two halves: The Basics, and then essentially a dictionary of poultry breeds, with pictures and a rundown of the characteristics of each, which are suitable for newcomers to henkeeping, etc.    All in all, a very useful little book.

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