Inspirations in Nature 2

This afternoon (as I am typing in the cottage in Porthmadog) we went to the island of Anglesey and one of the things we did was to go for a walk along a pebbly beach.  I was struck by Canadian Generic Pharmacy, Canadian Pharmacies Legal levitra sydney quick delivery levitra Drugstore 20 Off, levitra 20 mg canada Canada Drugstore the colours and shapes of the pebbles and rocks – they were really varied and colourful.

pebbles on beach in Anglesey

colourful pebbles

There were some amazing textures and patterns on the rocks.  I don’t know what made this pattern but it looks almost like a symbol.

interesting rock pattern

I love the holes in this rock:

holey rock

And the ridges in this one:

ridgey rock

We also saw this poor jellyfish stranded on the beach:


Just to put this into context, this was the view across the water – Caernarfon Castle and the Menai Straits:

Caernarfon Castle

And up the beach there were these wonderfully weathered wooden posts:

beach view

3 Replies to “Inspirations in Nature 2”

  1. I love rocks!! I Love Rocks!! I collect them from every where I go. I’m glad you’re having a wonderful vacation, Liz.

  2. Jean took the words right out of my mouth! I am always on the lookout for rocks, and even did a landscape quilt of huge rocks in a place called the Alabama Hills (they are actually in California). I love your pictures!


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