I’ve been having a bit of a blogging break for the last few weeks.  I feel that I’m recharging my batteries after blogging for 6 years now (I started in January 2005 – phew!).  But hopefully I shall be back soon with renewed vigour!

I have also decided not to keep up my Etsy shop so if you go there you’ll find it all blank and bare, but I will keep it there for a while in case I ever decide to open it again.  In the meantime, I hope to put my artwork and my gocco printed moleskine notebooks up on my website and have spent this afternoon putting lots of photos with dimensions and titles, etc, up on my Facebook page.

I’ve been feeling a bit blocked with regard to my art recently, which is probably why I haven’t been feeling like writing about it!  Though I have kept up with my sketchbooks so will put up some photos when I have taken some.   I have been doing lots of monotonous but strangely addictive transcribing of Staffordshire burials for Freereg, which aims to put as many parish register entries as possible up on line freely available.  Sometimes the parish priests left little comments such as ‘drowned when stealing turnips on the sabbath’, which enlivens the process for me a bit!

A few people have asked about using WordPress for blogging, so I thought that over the next few months I would do a series of step by step tutorials for anyone who is thinking of trying it out. 

And I’m definitely going to get some hens in the near future, so I’ll be reviewing the hen book and no doubt posting lots of pics!!

Meanwhile, I’ll brighten up this post with a bit of local graffiti:


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One Response to Interlude

  1. rayna March 29, 2011 at 3:16 am #

    Wow, I started blogging on January 31, 2005 – you and I are among the early bloggers!
    Yes, six years is a long time to be clever and entertaining or thoughtful or whatever.
    I recently took a brief blogging break, too.One runs out of steam – and sometimes life has other plans for us.

    Ugh – one more pair of pants to hem but I’m too tired tonight. DH can wear the same pair again tomorrow; he won’t know the diff. LOL