K&S purchases

Okay, no posts for ages and 3 come along all at once, just like buses!

Before I get to what I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show (I know, I love seeing other people’s acquisitions so here are mine!), I also bought this – a Paint Your Own Superdragon!

Paint your own superdragon

Isn’t he sweet?  I haven’t yet coloured him  but will soon!  All the Superdragons have now been auctioned, and it’s quite sad not seeing them all around town any more.  Although Newport Council have bought eight of them, and Gwent Dragons, the local rugby club, has bought several too, so hopefully some of them will appear in due course.

thread from Textere 

Anyway, into the K&S goodies!  I bought these threads from Texere, to dye.  Although I’ve actually used some of that rough linen thread already as a resist for screenprinting – I will show you the resultant fabric soon.

4 kilos cotton fabric!

I went to Empress Mills and they were offering 4 kilos of Egyptian cotton fabric bundles (different sizes) for £5.  Well, not realising how heavy 4 kilos feels when you have to lug it around all afternoon, I snapped them up!  And they dye beautifully – I’ve already printed on some.  The coloured fabric is naturally dyed vintage Javan fabric, I think, but don’t quote me because I can’t find it to check as it has got buried somewhere already!  And I don’t want to interrupt the flow of blogging to have a detailed look or I might just be diverted by some other strokable fabric.

Habu yarn

I bought a small sample bag of Habu yarns just because they are so yummy and their stall had such gorgeous stuff on it…

sundry bits and pieces

And I got several useful bottles and a few other things… do you like my dropcloth background? Isn’t it looking interesting!

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