London Bus Gocco Prints

I’ve been having fun with my Print Gocco machine over the last few days.  The advantage of buying used machines is that I have to test them, and so I get to have new screens to play with!  This time I wanted to try a three-screen print to build up the depth and layers.  I used this photo which I took in London as the base:

London bus in Bloomsbury 

I altered it to produce three images, each time taking more of the black image away:

altered image of London bus

This was going to be the lightest colour and the first one screened.  In reality it didn’t print very well for some reason – very little of the definition came out.  It may be that the screen was a bit old.  In the end it didn’t matter because I still got enough of it, especially as it was the base colour.

second London bus photo

This was the second screen.  You can see it is a lot lighter than the first. 

third London bus image

This is the third screen.  As you can see, only the outlines are visible, but I printed this in black ink and it was perfectly adequate as an accent to the other two.

Here are some of the results:

London bus gocco print

This is printed on handmade Khadi paper.

London bus gocco print 

And this is on card.

london bus gocco print

Here’s another one (the photo is blurry, not the print) – in this one I pressed on the last layer very lightly so that only the bus’s outline got the black ink.


Here are four of them with a bit of a colour variation!

abstract bus prints!

Here are a few abstract looking designs on painted paper!

London bus gocco print on top of London tube map

And this is a print on top of a London tube map!

London bus gocco print on Moleskine journal 

And I printed this on a Moleskine journal.

abstract effect on larger Moleskine journal 

This is a larger Moleskine journal which I am using to make notes in while working through Walking in this World by Julia Cameron (a sequel to The Artist’s Way).  I decided to get an abstract sort of print when the ink in the screen was getting low and I didn’t want to waste it!  I quite like the way this has turned out.

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  1. These are wonderful, Liz. You must work quickly . . . do you pull prints of different colors without washing the screen between them?

  2. Liz,

    Fabulous work! Really inspiring…thanks for showing us. Plus, I love your blog overall.
    from print gocco list

  3. They look utterly fabulous! I love the broken lines – the bus is moving but the brokenness gives it a dreamy quality.

    Can I ask where you bought your gocco from? I have been looking for one but they seem to be like gold dust!

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