Lots more postcards for sale!

I have just added lots more postcards to my ‘for sale’ pages – now I’m extremely crosseyed!

These postcards are £15.00 each, including shipping. They will be shipped blank in a jiffy bag unless specified otherwise. If you want them sent bare through the post to create a work of art complete with greeting, stamp and postmark, please indicate this in the Paypal form. I am happy to ship anywhere in the world.

Have a look under ‘Pages’ in the sidebar to the right of this entry – Postcards and More Postcards! Enjoy!!

If you want to see any of them in more detail, email me and I’ll email you a bigger photo. I have included a detail with one of them just to show the general quality but I haven’t got the space to do this with all of them and they would take forever to load if I did:)

If you have any problems with using Paypal, let me know – I haven’t had much experience with it so I hope I’ve got the html for the buttons right!

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One Response to Lots more postcards for sale!

  1. rayna September 8, 2006 at 5:42 pm #

    wowie zowie – these arae terrific!! I haven’t had a minute to make postcards this time ’round – oh, dear. Liz, your blog disappeared and I’m glad I found it again. To answer your question about my screened fabric – These are all torn from the same length of ugly, green spotted fabric, but each is a separate piece, which I printed in sequence with the screens.
    They all started out like the first one but each time I used the screen, it was on a new swatch from the batch – screened once each time. Hope this answers your question.