Lutradur tutorial

We just got back from two weeks’ holiday in the Loire Valley, in France.  More later, with lots of photos (I just uploaded over 700 to my computer so I expect they’ll be popping up here for a while!), but meanwhile, Barb at Joggles has posted a Tutorial on using lutradur  which I thought a lot of you would appreciate.  It looks good and when I have time, I look forward to working through it and having a play too.

I will post the answers to my ‘what is it’ quiz in a few days – anyone else fancy having a go? Thank you Mags and Elizabet for your answers – I won’t keep you in suspense too long!

Next week I’m off to the Festival of Quilts for the Personal Imagery in Art Quilts masterclass with Erika Carter and can’t wait!  Anyone else going to FOQ?  I’m going to be there from Monday night to Friday night.   Meanwhile, the washing machine is working hard because all the kids’ clothes has to be washed and repacked because they’re all off to camp next week too….

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  1. Welcome back LIz…. hope you had a great time. Looking forward to seeing your posts about the hols. Lucky you having a masterclass with Erika Carter. Did you visit the Sewing machine musuem in France…. do you have a link please. Best Wsishes

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