Make My Day Award


Thank you, Sandra and Maggie for nominating me for the bloggers Make My Day Award.  I am so flattered and pleased that you like me enough!  The award goes to blogs which you like reading and so I will attempt to pick out 10 from the long list of blogs I read.    Bloggers whose words and pictures brighten my day, make me think or inspire me.   I have left out a number of very popular blogs or ones which I have seen nominated more than once already such as Sharon’s, who I quote most weeks anyway(!) and Crazy Aunt Purl who makes me laugh…  here is the list. 

  1. Sara Lechner’s blog, The Fabric of Meditation.  I love Sara’s work for her haunting and ethereal figures.
  2. Dijanne’s blog, The Musings of A Textile Itinerant for her colourful dyed fabric and descriptions of her travels and design processes.  And I love her work.
  3. Rayna’s blog, Studio 78 Notes for her inspirational work and descriptions of her workshops.  And the recipes and food pictures!
  4. Frances’ blog, Island Threads for her lovely work and descriptions of life in the Hebrides.
  5. June and Jer’s blog, Southeastmain, for their wonderful photos each day of their home city and their travels, and June’s work.
  6. Lisa’s blog, New Work and Inspiration.  Lisa makes me think about art and being an artist.
  7. Nadine’s blog, Knitting with a Poodle, for her poetic words and pictures.
  8. Jeanne’s blog, Exploring the Surface, because I love her work!
  9. Serena’s blog, Layers of Meaning for her thorough and thoughtful posts.
  10. Fiona’s blog, Love Fibre for her beautiful work and descriptions of the course she is doing.
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3 Responses to Make My Day Award

  1. rayna January 14, 2008 at 3:35 am #

    Gee, Liz – thanks for the award! How do I get that little thingie to put on my blog when I make a list??

  2. Fiona D January 16, 2008 at 7:10 pm #

    thank you, it was such a pleasure to read that

  3. Lisa January 23, 2008 at 4:43 am #

    Liz – thank you much for the mention. I imagined writing this comment but it just dawned on me I never actually did the typing. Hm….