Mark Making on Fabric

Here are some of the dyed and printed fabrics I promised to blog about.  I bought Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan’s latest book, Making Your Mark and so I decided to have a good play using the techniques outlined by them.

I started by using a credit card to scrape dye paint on to fabric.  I was using dye that had been thickened with sodium alginate.

yellow, blue and red scraped fabric

For this piece, I put the thickened dye into an old washing up liquid bottle and squeezed it out.  Where the blue and red lines are, I left the squidgy line for a few minutes for the dye to strike more strongly in that area, and then scraped it with the credit card.

The result was a bit pale because I was actually using some dye that I had dissolved in water (I used it to do some ice-dyeing, but that’s the subject of another post).  So I decided to turn the fabric over and scrape another design on the back.

blue and red scraped fabric

Incidentally, the fabric I used was from some old cotton pillow cases that I bought for 50p each at the local charity shop.  Lovely fabric and I didn’t even have to scour it first!    Perfect for experimentation…

This was another scraped piece I did at the same time:

yellow and red scraped fabric with blue lines

I made the blue lines this time by dipping a laminated bookmark into the thickened dye and printing with it after scraping the red and yellow background.

For this next piece, I scraped black dye but the marks didn’t show very strongly on the top:

black scraped fabric

But the reverse of the fabric is much more interesting:

black scraped fabric


2 responses to “Mark Making on Fabric”

  1. Consider working with both sides of the black piece…the front holds mystery to me and the backside makes me think of light entering the darkness as if being released from something…(its late here, and maybe I’m being too philosophical about what I’m seeing) 🙂

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