Mark making with calligraphy pens

We did a lot of mark making on the course, and at the start of the week, Claire gave us some small pieces of art paper (not sure exactly what it is but I’ve been using watercolour paper here) to fill with repeated marks of one sort and another.    I didn’t do much with these during the week but I bought a set of Pilot Parallel Pens from them at the end and since then have been going mad filling up pages and pages with different marks!  I love them!!!   These will be useful for design work, maybe blown up on a photocopier or small parts isolated.  Here are a few of them:

patterns with pens

Some of them were done with my right hand (I’m right handed) some with my left – I found that mark making with my left hand produced surprisingly creative marks.  Something to do with right brained activities and left brained ones I suppose…

more mark making

And more:

more mark making

I wasn’t doing these with any particular design in mind, mostly… just playing.  Which is probably why I enjoy it so much!

 more marks and squiggles

The pens came with coloured inks, too, so I had fun with those:

coloured marks 

Claire suggested making these into little books so I think that’s what I’ll do.


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  1. Yeah, you’re having WAAYYY too much fun! I like the upper left ones in the first two sheets and and then the upper right ones in the next two. The circular/spiral ones are favorites, especially the colored one. I’ve not tried the opposite hand thing – must give that a try.

  2. those are some great designs, calligraphy pens are really flexible and you can make some really great designs with them. thanks for the ideas. i love the colored ones at the bottom.

  3. So cool…and what a treat to have only 5 students to the 2 of them!!!! I’ve not practiced calligraphy in a couple of weeks…after seeing your marks, I’m getting up from the computer and go scratch around on paper 🙂

  4. i totally love what you have done at c2c liz! and i am looking forward to taking claire’s breakdown printing class in italy next week.

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