Melting fun!

blue plastic strands melted together

We’re using angelina a lot in the course but I had some of that stuff which you use to hang over Christmas trees so I thought I’d melt that between baking parchment to see what happened. Hmm. Interesting. I don’t think I’ll use it on this but it might be good for something…

One Reply to “Melting fun!”

  1. I have also tried, with some sucess, using other than angelina fibers. The best have been the “easter grass” stuff that we can get to put in gift bags. I hate to get it in gift bags cause then it is everywhere….but it melts nicely between sheers or ? Ginger ….ps I like the work you just posted with the mixed media it is so ric looking and then you see it is everyday objects like brown paper and cheesecloth…good stuff

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