More fun with felted woolly jumpers

When I was making the felted blanket, I did some free machining on one of the scrap pieces. I decided to turn it into this postcard.

colourful stitched wool postcard

I also had the idea of playing around with some of the smaller scraps (I can’t bear to throw anything away! it’s a disease!). I took this painting on mountboard which I made following Mary Todd Beam’s book, Celebrate Your Creative Self, plastered pva glue on it and stuck them randomly all over. When it was dry, I embellished the whole thing with some crimpy wire and presto! a collage!

blue spirally picture with lots of scrappy wool felt stuck on it and wrapped around with wire

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  1. Liz, you seem to have a wide arsenal of tools to experiement with…it is artists like yourself that give me great pause in throwing anything out…:) feeling inspired by your work.

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