More sketchbook stuff….

My sketchbook is progressing.  I have gessoed a lot of pages in preparation for painting and have also glued several together to make them thicker. Continuing my theme of shadows over bridges,  I inadvertently drew on one upside down so decided to turn it to my advantage. 


I cut out the offending page (the one shown on the left here) and glued down just the left hand side so that it opens up…


…. to reveal the other side of the page.  The page on the right is an inkjet transfer of the page I’ve sketched – I transferred it over a thermofax screened page.  I don’t think it is finished yet though….  Like a lot of the pages in my sketchbook, I’m sure I will keep adding to them.

This evening, I just added a layer to this page:

sketchbook page 

It is a railway line viewed through a chain link fence.  I have been wondering how to portray the fence for a while and tried to rust dye the grid from a disposable barbecue on to some polyester organza.  It rusted fine, but I got the negative pattern of diamonds rather than the positive one of a diagonal grid.  So I cut a stamp and stamped this.  I quite like the uneven look it gives.  I decided to continue it across the other side of the page as well and I might doodle a bit on this side.

I’m really enjoying this sketchbook and having a theme to stick to.  I think I work much better with parameters and a deadline.

And just up the road I saw this tree with the remains of an ivy stem around it, forming a grid.  I think that will be working its way into the sketchbook and maybe into a piece of art cloth eventually.  I’m starting to see grids and lines everywhere!

tree with old ivy

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