Multi coloured interfacing screen printing

I have a yukky cold at the moment so apologies for any lack of enthusiasm in this post!

I have Jane Dunnewold’s book Improvisational Screenprinting and the CD which she produced specifically about multicoloured interfacing printing.  With this method you paint interfacing with acrylic paint which acts as a resist and cut shapes into it.  You then tape this to the screen and you can then print in different colours at the same time. 

These are the stencils I used.  The first is a footprint for the TIF challenge, the second is based on a photograph of cracked mud in our local river and the third is based on a photograph of the muddy ridges at the sides of the river when the tide sucks the water out.

footprint stencil

I cut out circles and wavy designs in this.

mud cracks screen

I sort of echoed the cracks in the cutouts for this one.

mud stencil

I cut out circles (for the tyres in the mud) and a sort of representation of a shopping trolley (plenty of these stuck in the mud too) in these…

These are the fabrics made from the first screen:

footprint fabric

I overlapped the screens – this was quite dark when it was batching and I did wonder if the middle would be just one big blur of paint but it turned out okay.

Here is one of them, on cotton organdie – wonderful overlapped with other fabric….

footprint on organdie

The second screen came out really well – I like this green fabric I did with it:

green printed fabric

This one is on cotton organdie and, again, will be most useful for layering because it is transparent.  It doesn’t come out well in photographs though – it is much deeper in colour than this.

screened fabric

And the last one with the mud/shopping trolley shapes (I think these might need outlining or something!

orange/red fabric

Here is one of the screens used and washed (they are stained but can be reused):

interfacing stencil

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