My Christmas present!

This was my Christmas present to myself – an extension table for my Janome sewing machine.  I wish I’d got one years ago – it is wonderful!  I’ve already sewn some curtains together which was made much easier (as well as stitching a superman logo on to a tshirt for DS3’s fancy dress party, but that’s another story!).

extension table for sewing machine

Another present is something I have to defer until the spring – a few hens!  Hence one of the books I requested for the book reviews was a book about hen keeping!  So that review will probably be the next blog post.   I’ve wanted to keep hens for several years now, ever since I met someone who kept them in their back garden; I always thought it was strictly for farming folk.  But since then I learnt that my grandmother kept them during the war, so I will look forward to following a family tradition…

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One Response to My Christmas present!

  1. natasha oconnor March 10, 2011 at 10:01 pm #

    Hi i have just noticed your work and really love what you are doing, i am a textile student in cardiff uwic doing a project that involves dying fabrics, well with acrylic paint 🙂

    I have added my wordpress incase you wanted to see my work, however please be aware it is only my fist year in uni 🙂

    I still havent got to grips with the whole following thing on wordpress yet, but if you have it would be great if we could add eachother?
    much love Natasha x