I think I’m going through a fallow period with regard to my art. So I haven’t had anything much to post in the last week. I’ve been busy doing lots of cooking (sorry, no photos before it was all hogged!) – lemon biscuits, chocolate biscuit cake, chocolate brownies, trying out new recipes but forgetting my camera in the various stages of preparation. And when it stops raining I’ll venture into the garden and take a photo of the one squash from my ‘triffid’ which seems to be growing more than a few inches!

Here are a few images to brighten up your day, from various holidays…

A fallen tree stump covered with moss inspires me with its texture:

fallen tree stump with moss growing all over it

And a few flowers: these were growing in Haverfordwest Castle which we visited on our holiday to Pembrokeshire:

orange and yellow flowers

A spray of unknown white flowers:

white tiny flowers close up

I wonder what these insects on this flower are?

black bugs on flower

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