New Personal Symbols Course starting!

I know a lot of you were interested to see what I made in the Personal Symbols course which I took with Susan Sorrell earlier in the year. I noticed just now on perusing the Joggles website that Susan is teaching it again starting on October 24th. Here are the details about it if anyone is interested.

If you want to see the relevant posts from my blog, click on the ‘creativity’ and ‘painting’ categories in the sidebar.

I really must get going again … I seem to be at a full stop with my creativity over the last few months (apart from splashy stuff like dyeing of course!).

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One Response to New Personal Symbols Course starting!

  1. melly October 10, 2006 at 12:40 pm #

    Can I come to your house to play? Eat? Take cold medicine and dye?