Newport now!

Once a week, Zachary goes to an art club at the local arts centre, which is right by the river. It has a nice cafe with brilliant views. It is more picturesque when the tide is in, but I happened to have my camera last time we were there so here are a couple of views of my town.

This is looking upriver towards the town bridge.

river and bridge

And this one is downriver towards the other bridge.

another bridge but the same river

This is an interesting statue outside the arts centre:

head statue

And this is a signpost for the cycle path. Sustrans, which has campaigned for miles and miles of cycle paths all over the UK, has erected these sort of signposts throughout the country. They’re a bit like totem poles!

interesting signpost looking like totem pole

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One Response to Newport now!

  1. DebR April 16, 2006 at 2:23 pm #

    The sculpture and the signpost are both VERY cool!!