No camera:(

We went to the National Waterfront Museum in Swansea on Saturday. DS2 went on a rugby tour with the school to Brussels for the weekend so it was quiet! The museum is pretty new – it has only been open for a couple of years. The thing which I noticed first are some huge wallhangings which look as though they have been rust dyed with industrial machinery parts. It is nice to know that this method of dyeing is actually being used for commissioned art. So, of course, I wanted to take a photo of it. Problem! I turned my camera on and the screen was all black, apart from the computer information display. All the menus and everything were working fine but I couldn’t take a photo….

The man in Jessops reckoned the chip had come away from the lens so it has gone back to Nikon for repair… so the blog won’t have many photos for a while, unless I borrow my old camera from DS2.

That wasn’t the only thing which happened on Saturday. I also broke one of my wooden double ended sock needles … so I’m now finishing off the cashmere yarn socks using one metal needle and three wooden ones! Not a good day…

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2 Responses to No camera:(

  1. MargaretR April 2, 2007 at 11:39 pm #

    Oh Liz, what a pity about your camera. Hope you get it back soon.

  2. Sue Krekorian April 3, 2007 at 9:50 am #

    Shame about the knitting needle, too. I’ve had endless problems with dpns, bending and snapping. Metal ones “draw” on my hands, bamboo ones bend, brittany birch ones snap and so did my hard-to-find so imported-from-USA pony pearl dpns (which shed their points alarmingly, somewhat like porcupine, perhaps!) I’m currently using some rosewood ones I bought via Scottish Fibres and, dare I say it, so far, so good.

    Hope your camera is soon better.