Online Courses 4: Kimberly Baxter Packwood

Thank you, everyone, for your comments and thoughts about my last post. Keep them coming!!

Today I’m featuring Kimberly Baxter Packwood of Prairie Fibers. If you’re on Quiltart, you’ll know Kimberly is an expert on anything to do with natural dyeing and recently she started her classes. I haven’t taken any myself but hope to when I have a bit more time. In addition to the usual online class notes and what she calls the “Prairie Fibers classroom where you can meet other students”, she provides downloadable and streaming videos. (I hope I’ve got this right as my knowledge of online video is limited…).

Her classes include rust and clay dyeing, indigo dyeing, gelatin plate printmaking and the mad hatter madder class! Here’s what she says about the latter:

All about Madder Root and extracting the elusive Turkey Red from Madder Root.
Students will learn how to process Madder Root properly for an excellent Red.
Students will learn how to also do a cold color extraction in addition to the heat extraction method.

Her classes can be found on her website here.