Online Courses 5: Distance learning City and Guilds

Today I’m featuring City and Guilds courses by distance learning. These differ from the previous classes because they are a lot longer and lead to a recognised qualification. I did not do mine by distance learning, but in a local college, but belonged to the cityandguilds Yahoo group which was set up by a number of people who were taking these classes, as a support network. I think most, if not all of them involve students sending work to the tutor for critique and some of them also have summer schools. The following are the ones I know about:

  1. Sian Martin does the Certificate and Diploma for Embroidery. Many of the members of the above Yahoo group were studying with Sian and were enthusiastic about her teaching.
  2. Linda Kemshall teaches Patchwork and Quilting, Creative Sketchbooks and Creative Computing. She has a Student Gallery so you can have a look at the work her students are producing. She allows you to pay for just the first module in order to find out if her course is for you, before paying for the rest. You can also pay module by module (there are ten altogether).
  3. Opus Online has a vast array of courses including Embroidery, Patchwork and Quilting and also a Degree in Embroidered Textiles. I don’t know much about them; they have a gallery too, but it isn’t as comprehensive as Linda Kemshall’s.
  4. The School of Stitched Textiles teaches Embroidery, Stumpwork and Patchwork and Quilting. They also have a number of gallery pages showing students’ work. They offer payment by instalments too.
  5. These are the only ones I can find at the moment, although I think there is one based in Swansea too. If you know of any more or have any experience of the above, do email me or leave a comment!

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  1. hej Liz

    interesting stuff – good to have all the online classes in one place! saves time trawling!


  2. I did an online C&G course with Linda Kemshall and can highly recommend it. It’s great to be able to tackle such a comprehensive course in your own time, at your own pace.

  3. I am just under half way through an online course with the School of stitched textiles -thier feedback is encouraging, but I’m not always sure I’m on the right path and would love to be able to discuss ideas with other students.
    I present all my work in ‘powerpoint’ on CD’s so make masses of photos as I go along – couldnt have done this without digital cameras!

  4. I am considering embarking on a City and Guilds on-line coures for Patchwork and Embroidery. I have some reservsations, is it possible to get the full benefit of the course on-line, part of creativity is to exchange ideas , have constructive criticism, and get ideas/inspiration from fellow students. Is this possible with an on-line course? Any input welcome.

  5. After successfully completing C&G Parts 1 & 2 in embroidery in the classroom, I started an on-line/postal C&G in machine embroidery. I was the only student doing this course, I think, at the time, so the internet support group wasn’t very supportive to me, and I found the expectations of the tutors very hard to fathom: sent in what I considered to be samples, only to be told they were practice pieces and I still needed to do samples, but not how I should do this or what was required or defined the difference. Afraid after 2 modules I dropped out, it was too confusing and stressful.

  6. Its been very since i have been in search of online schools for some interesting subject of study and finally i met up with schools galore an interesting resource which are hard to find, a total collection of all that’s on offer.

    if anyone has any type of resource that could prove to be beneficial please do put it up here.

  7. Hello. just came across your blog and would like to introduce our “new” and online City and Guilds courses in Millinery. The information given is comprehensive and clear to follow accompanied with video clips for any detailed instruction such as hat blocking. Other courses are also available at out main centre

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